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A megachurch gathering Pastors

Without Love

I once sat across the table from a friend who had spent his life in leadership – church, business, even Boy Scouts. He made a statement I will never forget: “There is really only one kind of leadership. That of example. If you don’t model it, you are not a leader.”  

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Servant leadership gives leaders the right path to eliminate destructive gossip in their context Leadership

How to Lead People out of the Gossip Zone

Gossip kills: friendships, trust, joy. It can push people into depression and some even to despair. If left unchecked it can ruin families, churches, schools, businesses, and entire corporations. Some will argue this is just the human condition…there’s not much you can do about it. Unsuccessful attempts to stifle it only allow it to escalate to new heights or retreat into the quiet and toxic hidden closets.

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The Pyramid and the Tree

The Pyramid. A symbol of man’s greatness. The greatest of architectural achievements – built on the backs of more than 20,000 slaves spending their lifetimes carving, transporting, and lifting 2.3 million three-ton stones to build a monument to a ruthless Pharaoh who saw himself as a God and the slave as the means to serve his selfish purpose. A massive monument to a dead man’s ego and a vain attempt to achieve immortality by killing thousands and ruining the lives of countless others. Man-made. Very dead in the driest of deserts.

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“Pastor.” You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not…

Take the word “Pastor”. Close your eyes. What picture comes into you mind when you think on that word?

If a picture of a man standing in front of, and speaking to a congregation of sitting people came to mind …. then you are like the vast majority in the US, and actually, in the world, for that is precisely what “Pastor” has come to mean.

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The Lost Attribute of God

I grew up in church – it was not there. I went to seminary – it was not there. I have read countless theological books – not there. Listened to and preached countless sermons – not there. Yet there it is in the Bible, and I dare say, on every page. What is it? Something missing. God’s lost attribute.

My brother and I were talking and the subject of God’s attributes came up. Ominiscience, omnipresence, omnipotence (fancy words for all-knowing, everywhere, and all-powerful) His love, justice, mercy… Hey let’s just get this over … Wikipedia what are they?

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What If You Could…and Still Can?

Recently I have pondered the question: What if 54-year-old Jonathan could go back and talk to 34-year-old Jonathan? 24-year-old Jonathan? What would I say?

And the answer: A whole lot.

In fact, just this morning in our house my wife and I held the first high school bible study/breakfast of the school year, and I told the kids for the 13th year in a row, “I want you to know everything I wished I had known before I was thrown to the wolves at the University, but no one taught me.” It is a drive in me. Prepare the next generation of Jesus’ followers to walk closer, live bolder, and love better than I did. So that they – in turn – might do the same for those they lead in Jesus’ ways.

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Let the Cat Out of the Bag!

There is a question and we have all heard it. “Who let the cat out of the bag?” And we all know what it means – sort of. But to this very day, I have never heard anyone ask the deep and penetrating question that this phrase begs us all to ask. Why in the heck was the cat in the bag? And who in the world was so dumb as to put it there? Well, this week I found out the answer to both of these questions – the hard way.

So, we have this cat. She is beautiful, but way more importantly she catches moles and mice, which makes her more beautiful. Our other older cat had gotten tired of catching critters but this young one has re-sparked his passion for catching the troublesome varmints. Problem with the beautiful young cat is that she is a she and three months ago had her first litter of kittens, 5 baby kittens – not acceptable. So, I found the cheapest place to get her spayed, and the day has arrived. Be there at 8 AM.

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