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Let the Cat Out of the Bag!

There is a question and we have all heard it. “Who let the cat out of the bag?” And we all know what it means – sort of. But to this very day, I have never heard anyone ask the deep and penetrating question that this phrase begs us all to ask. Why in the heck was the cat in the bag? And who in the world was so dumb as to put it there? Well, this week I found out the answer to both of these questions – the hard way.

So, we have this cat. She is beautiful, but way more importantly she catches moles and mice, which makes her more beautiful. Our other older cat had gotten tired of catching critters but this young one has re-sparked his passion for catching the troublesome varmints. Problem with the beautiful young cat is that she is a she and three months ago had her first litter of kittens, 5 baby kittens – not acceptable. So, I found the cheapest place to get her spayed, and the day has arrived. Be there at 8 AM.

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