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Reconstructing the Church

There are many traditional entrenched systems and whole power structures in churches and Christian organizations that are badly broken.   These systems attract narcissists and corrupt otherwise good men, and as a result many people are hurt by the church and by these broken leaders.   The problem is this: these traditions are not Christian but most believe they are because this is tragically all they have seen and known.   We must reconstruct the Church by going back to what the Bible actually teaches about the true nature of Servant-Leadership.  This is the age of deconstruction of the Church and the faith – but this just leads to more brokeness and piles of rubble.  It is through the understanding and practice of true biblical Servant-Leadership – as scripture clearly insists – that the church can be rebuilt and its people can become the salt and light in a world that has increasingly closed its ears to Christians.


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    If I were to ask Christian Leaders, "Are you a Servant Leader?" 99.9% would answer "Yes". The problem is this: most really are clueless as to what this entails. We seek to give a clear picture of what a servant lead community is, and we do away with false conceptions.

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We welcome your perusal and participation in our forums, where we seek to create an online community to support one another on the journey toward a servant led church. No one can do this alone.

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Jonathan and Janie met while counseling at a camp in Colorado in 1984 and were married in 1990.  They lived with their three kids in East and Central Asia and taught in three universities for about ten years.  Jonathan then served as a Pastor at Good Shepherd Community Church for 15 years overseeing their Global and Local Outreach and during that time Janie got her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Western Seminary  In 2018 they joined Co-Serve International – an organization committed to teaching Servant leadership around the world.  They are committed to helping team,  church , and organizational leaders to understand the true nature of Servant Leadership and to lead as Jesus insists we lead – as servants first.


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